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Reservation of study rooms

Reservation of study rooms for collective and individual use.

They serve only scientific and educational purposes and can be booked directly by the librarian on duty (on the 2nd, 3rd or the 4th floor) or by phone:

  • the 2nd floor 71 36 80 467
  • the 3rd floor 71 36 80 470
  • the 4th floor 71 36 80 957
Study Rooms (also known as cabins) are available for registered users - scientific staff, students and PhD students of the Wrocław University of Economics and Business. (or with permission of the head of the Circulation and Library Resources Information Department, also for other users).

From the library regulations:

  • Study Room reservation is cancelled if a user doesn't report within 30 minutes from the determined time of the reservation.
  • Academics of WUEB can book a Study Room for up to a semester, PhD students for a month, students for a week. The booking period of a Study Room may be prolonged. In case of not using a Study Room for more than 3 days, the librarian has the right to make it available to another person.
  • To get access (key) is possible, it's necessary to sign in at the reference desk and submit a Student Card. The key must be returned at least half an hour before the Library closes.
  • It is forbidden to pass the right (and key) to the Study Room to other people.
  • All library materials can be used in the Study Room, with the exception of collections available only in the OIN Reading Room.
  • Library materials may remain in the Study Room for the entire period of its use, except for books marked with a red stripe, which should be put on the trolley before closing the Library.
  • Library employee has right to enter the Study Room at any time, including the absence of its user.
  • After using the Study Room, user is obliged to leave the Study Room in the condition in which he took it over (librarian has the right to check the Study Room's state before returning user ID). In the case of breach of applicable rules, employee may request that user immediately empty the Study Room. 
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