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Library without barriers

Architectural facilities:
Both entrances to the library (The main entrance-Wielka street–U building and the side entrance from the campus–W building) have wheelchair ramps. At the entrance to the W building (on the University campus) there is a parking space for disabled people. In the U building there is a special elevator which allows moving up and down the Open Access Area. It is also adapted for people with impaired vision (voice information and buttons marked in Braille). To get to the upper floors in the W building, (where the Scientific Information Department is located); one can use an internal elevator. For assistance please call 713680950 or ask the receptionist (U building, next to the Lending Room).

On each floor of the Open Access Area there are toilets designed for the disabled.
Entrances to the Library and the Open Access Area don’t have thresholds which improves the movement of people with disabilities.

Services: People with disabilities may:
  • Receive from librarians help in searching through catalogues and databases
  • Book cabins for individual work (study rooms) dedicated to people with disabilities
  • Order books from the Open Access Area without taking them off shelves (delivery time: 40 - 60 minutes)
For users with visual impairments or vision loss we can print library materials in Braille Alphabet. Requests can be sent to: renata.lizurej@ue.wroc.pl or by phone 71 36 80 471.
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