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Rules of use

I’m already WUEB student. How can I enroll to the Library?
Library enrollment is online only, through an electronic form. After filling and sending the registration form, to activate your account, you must report within 14 days in the Lending Room (building U) or the Open Access Area (1st. 2nd. 3rd. 4th floor).

I forgot my account password. What should I do?
Use option “Forgot your password?” or ask librarian on duty in Open Access Area for a new temporary password.

I forgot my account login. What should I do?
Ask the librarian on duty in person or contact the Library by e-mail to wypozyczalnia@ue.wroc.pl. We recommend using your email from the @ue.wroc.pl or @student.eu.wroc.pl domain.

I entered my account password wrongly three times, now what?
Use option “Forgot your password?” or contact the librarian on duty to get a new temporary password which will be send to your designated e-mail address.

I’m student of WSB “University” in Wrocław (Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa we Wrocławiu). Can I use the Library collection?
Yes, you can enroll to the Library as “Guest”, with no option for borrowing books.

I study at another state university in Wroclaw. Can I borrow books?
Yes, you can use the Library resources on the spot and borrow books. You need to enroll to the Library online through an electronic form and then come with your obligation card and student card, to activate your account in the Lending Room or the Open Access Area. Only WUEB students, postgraduates and staff can borrow books from June to November.

I am a graduate of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business. Can I continue to use the Library?
Yes, for one year after receiving graduate status, but without the ability to borrow books.

Do I need to be a registered reader to use the OIN Reading Room?
Yes. Use of the OIN Reading Room is based on an active library account or library card.

I’ve begun second course at the WUEB. Can I make a second card/open a reader account?
Dual enrollment students receive only one reader account but with a doubled limit (20 books).

I study at the WUEB and another state university. Can I borrow more books?
Yes, the limit will be increased to 20 books upon delivery of the obligation card.

I am neither a student nor an employee - can I use the Library?
Yes, your account will have “Guest” status. Pay the fee for a registered library card in the amount of 20 PLN on the 1st floor of the Open Access Area. 

Use of collections

How many books can I borrow?
  • students of WUEB – 10 books
  • dual enrollment students – 20 books
  • students and employees of state universities in Wroclaw – 10 books
  • employees and PhD students of WUEB – 25 books (include A, B, C catalogue number)
  • student research groups members – 17 books (include up to 2 of the A, B, C catalogue number)
  • WUEB retiree – 5 books
For how long can I borrow a book?
There are 2 types of books
  • books with the W catalogue number that can be borrowed for 6 months
  • books with numbers A, B, C are lent only to employees, PhD students and members of scientific clubs for 4 weeks.
  • books with “red square” for 4 weeks only
What is the method of arranging collection in the Library?
The books are arranged thematically on the 4 floors of the SWD (Open Access Area) in alphabetical order by call number (starting with 3 or 6 letters) in the various sections.

How long do ordered books wait to be picked up at the Lending Room?
Requested books await the reader up to five business days, including the day of request.

How can I get an extension of the book return deadline?
You can do it by itself on your library account (extension) or ask the librarian on duty in person when visiting the Library.

What will happen if I do not return the book on time?
The system automatically calculates a fee for overdue books at amount of 1 PLN for each copy after each week.

Where do I pay the book overdue fee?
You can pay on 1st floor of SWD (Open Access Area) by card payment or bank transfer to the indicated account:
Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu
ul. Komandorska 118/120
53‐345 Wrocław
74 1240 3464 1111 0010 7059 2204

For successful identification, please specify the content of the transfer title:
Fee for overdue (books names) (your name and surname).

Can I borrow books with the catalogue number starting with A, B, C?
No, archival copies can only be borrowed by employees, PhD students, and students who are in science clubs (students from science clubs two books at a time).

Can I borrow a doctoral dissertation?
No, doctoral thesis can only be used on-site in the OIN Reading Room. You must be enrolled in the Library to receive access to dissertations.

Can I order a journal to the OIN Reading Room online?
Journals with SWD locations can be picked at Reading Room and used anywhere in SWD (Open Access Area). Issues of the journal older than 10 years with a "Magazyn" ("Storage") location must be ordered with a paper reverse from the librarian on duty. Ordered volumes will be delivered to the OIN Reading Room within 30 minutes.

I lost a book I borrowed. What should I do?
When losing or damaging a book with a copy number starting with W, a reader is obliged to buy the same book (or a newer edition). In the case of the out-of-print book, any book from the list found on the Library's website or the Lending Room. For a copy with archival numbers (A, B, C), please contact the management of the Circulation and Library Resources Information Department.

The book has a location Magazyn, where can I borrow it?
The book should be ordered online by catalogue and collected in the Lending Room (building. U). (Please be aware of the order fulfillment time, which takes a minimum of 45 minutes from the time your order is send. In October, this time is extended to 24 hours).

Can I borrow a journal home?
No, journals are only made available on site.

I can't pick up the books I ordered. Can someone do it for me if I give them my student card?
You do not need to hand over your student card. However, you must first submit a written authorization form with permission for that particular person to pick up the books. An authorization form can be obtained from the librarian or downloaded from the Library website.

My lecturer said that as a student I have access to online databases. Where can I find them?
You can find databases on the Main Library website under the "Resources" tab. Those are sorted in alphabetical order. Some of them are licensed and should be used within the university network or via the Proxy server. For specific information, read a description of the particular database.

Why won't the system let me borrow a book through the online catalogue? I’m logged in and have a valid account.
Books for lent have different locations. Copies of titles with locations "Magazyn" can be ordered online. However, to acquire books with the "Open Access Area" location, you need to go to the Library, find them on your own according to the class code and borrow them using the self-check machine. In case of trouble finding a book, please ask the librarian on duty for help.


How can I book a study room (cabin) for individual work in the library? Do I have to pay?
WUEB research workers may book study rooms for one semester (4 months), PhD students – for 1 month and students – for 1 week. Study rooms can be booked at the librarian on duty on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the Open Access Area or by phone. Reservation of the cabin is free.

Where can I get a termination checklist?
The termination checklist can be stamped at Lending Room or Open Access Area.

Where can I get the Ibuk Libra code?
You should write a message to libra@ue.wroc.pl giving the index and library account number. Issued codes are valid within one academic year (from October till October 31 of the following year).

Where in Main Library can I use a computer with internet access?
You can use server stations with connections to the internet on 4 floors of the Open Access Area and the OIN Reading Room. There is also Wi-Fi connection in Main Library.

Do I have access to the licensed online databases outside of the University's network?
Yes, WUEB students, employees and doctoral students have access via the PROXY server. For details, please familiarize yourself with individual database descriptions.
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