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Library regulations



§ 1. Legal basis

1. The Main Library of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (hereinafter referred to as the Library) is a scientific institution of public nature, acting in accordance with the Higher Education Act, the Law on Libraries Act and other applicable regulations, especially the Statute of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business and the Regulations of the Library IT System.

2. Personal data collected in the Library is processed solely for the purposes specified by Article 4 of the Libraries Act (OJ 1997 No. 85 item 539) and Article 88 of the Higher Education Act (OJ 2005 No. 164 item 1365).

§ 2. Terms of using the collections and services

1. Access to collections and services of the Library is free of charge to all members holding an active member’s account in the Library.

2. To create a member’s account:

   1) complete the form provided by the Library on its Internet webpage,

   2) activate the member’s account at the circulation desk or with the librarian on duty in the Open Access Area.

3. During account activation, members are required to read the Rules, to sign a statement and to present:

1) students of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business – student electronic ID card,

2) students of the other schools of higher education participating in the agreement of Wroclaw institutions of higher education - student electronic ID card as well as obligation card from the library of a respective institution of higher education,

3) employees of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business and employees of schools of higher education participating in the agreement of Wroclaw institutions of higher education – employee electronic ID card, ID card and a document that confirms employment,

4) guests – ID card.

4. Rights that arise from the membership must not be given to other individuals. Violation of this rule results in loss of the rights to use the Library collections by both the owner of the membership and the person illegaly using it.

5. The Library should be informed of any change of personal data.

6. To use the collections and services of the Library, a member is authorised by having one of the following – student electronic ID card activated in the Library system, employee electronic ID card or an electronic ID card given to members that do not have their own student or employee electronic ID card.

7. The loss of an electronic ID card must be immediately reported to the Library (personally, by phone or via email). The Library is liable for unauthorized use of member account from the moment the notification is confirmed.

8. The library collections may be used on site and by individual or interlibrary lending in accordance with regulations specified in various agencies of the Library.

9. Electronic resources may be used under the terms of the license and internal rules.

10. Computers are available to members, in the first instance for the use of the Library resources.

11. All registered members can use in the Library wireless Internet. The Internet can be used only for educational and scientific purposes.

12. Employees and participants of the University doctoral studies may use remote access to the Library databases.

13. Collections and equipment of the Library are public good and require respect.

14. In the Library, members should behave in a manner corresponding to the dignity and the tasks of this institution.

15. In the Library operates an electronic security system of the collection (RFID) and a monitoring system.

16. Employees of the Library are unauthorized to inform about personal data and accounts of members.

17. Members are required to comply with these Terms and internal regulations of individual agencies of the Library, ordering regulations, comments and suggestions of employees. Detailed information specifying the terms and conditions of using the collections is made public and should be familiar to members.

18. Decisions in cases concerning giving access to collections and not included in the Regulations, are taken by the Library Director.

§ 3. The penalties associated with improper use of the collections

1. The basis for the imposition of penalties is:

1) damaging, destroying or stealing of library resources,

2) damaging computers or other equipment,

3) destroying, altering or stealing computer software, as well as using unauthorized software,

4) overdue return of borrowed books,

5) sharing membership rights with another person,

6) inappropriate behaviour, failure to comply with the instructions of the Library employee.

2. The deeds and activities described in Section 1 will result in the following penalties:

1) account will be blocked for a specified period or indefinitely,

2) late fees for overdue books,

3) the member will bear the cost of repairing damaged or destroyed library resources or equipment,

4) suspension (temporal or indefinite) of the rights to use the Library, also at the request of another library, and - at the request of the Main Library - the rights to use other libraries,

5) referral to the relevant disciplinary committee, acting under the provisions of the Higher Education Act,

6) lawsuit in civil or criminal penalties.

3. The sanctions listed above are not mutually exclusive, and these regulations do not replace or exclude the possibility to take other actions provided for by the law.

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