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Information for Guests users

Readers who are not students or employees of one of the state higher education institutions in Wrocław may use the resources of the Main Library on a guest basis.

A reader with the Guest status – to use the resources of the Library has to register via the electronic form and buy a library card (more in the Enrolling in the Library). Filling in and sending the registration form is unambiguous to confirmation of knowledge of the regulations of the Main Library of the University of Economics and Business in Wrocław and acceptance of all its provisions.

After obtaining a library card, guests may use the book collection and databases available in the Library on site. Usage of Library computer equipment is limited to educational and scientific purposes only.

To enter the Open Access Area or the OIN Reading Room, you must present your electronic library card to the librarian on duty.

Library resources to which visitors have access:

  • the Open Access Area (bldg. U) is where readers have access to books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, scientific publications, studies, reports, journals, statistical material, etc.
  • Scientific Information Department (OIN) Reading Room (bldg. U, 1st floor) allows readers to access databases, studies and statistical data on the European Union, newspapers and current periodicals, standards and doctoral theses and get assistance in the search for scientific information and literature on the subject as well.
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