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About The Library


It serves as an academic library and an economic centre and gives access to the largest collection of books from the area of economics on the territory of the Lower Silesia. The Centre offers all interested persons full access to the library collections, electronic resources and wireless Internet, as well as complex scientific and economic information. The object with the total capacity of 31 000 m3 and the total area of 8 200 m2, consists of 2 connected buildings and is an integral part of a larger complex belonging to the university campus. The complex consists of four neighboring buildings connected with one another on ground-level floor.

The two-storey building located in the inner part of the campus houses conference and seminar rooms, didactic rooms (computer laboratories), the Scientific Information Department with OIN Reading Room and offices of librarians.

The four-storey building (accessible from Wielka Street) houses four floors of the Open Access Area, where the basic library services are provided. On the ground floor there is a lending room, a storeroom for textbooks and an exhibition hall. Four floors of the Open Access Area hold about 200 000 volumes of books and periodicals , 290 seats for users ( situated close to bookshelves), 21 cabins for individual and group work and 60 computers. In the whole building there is access to wireless Internet. Users can read books on site or borrow them (check out) by means of self-check stations. Books can be returned (checked in) 24 hours a day by means of an automatic drop book located on an outer wall of the building. Thanks to different facilities people with disabilities have full access to our services (see Library Without Barriers). For the convenience of users on the ground floor there is a kids` corner with sanitary facilities.

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